Friday, November 12, 2010

The Never Ending Stories

"There are still many other things that Jesus did...I doubt there would room enough in the entire world to hold th books to record them." - John 21:25

Did you ever experience the fear of not able to finish something you started?

I have ...and this blog is one of them.  I've always told myself that I'm a writer.  I have many experiences and I guess I don't think I would be able to lose stories to write here.

But as I've found out in this first week, it's not really a matter of lack of things to write, it's a matter of lack of faith.

Writers usually experience what you call a writer's block. There are some famous writers who would get drunk and walk around for a few minutes to get the inspiration they need. With Hemingway, he would write for at least 2 hours everyday so that he would not lose he's drive and momentum.

For me, I know I'm a writer but I'm not prolific yet and making blogs is something I just recently discovered.

I told myself that I must write the entry in a time where I could freely do it - say every dawn whre no one else would bother me.  I have to do the entries weekly and distribute them separately, daily.

I found it difficult. It's hard to write something in just a few hours, let alone five blog entries in one sitting.  I fear that there would come a time I would not know where to get my topics/entries from.

But I guess as a Franciscan, the answer had been taught a long time ago. Have faith and don't forget that the great source of wisdom and knowledge would be from the Bible.

The Bible has so many books. It's practically a library and witin this library of knowledge are diverse stories whose experiences and lessons are as timely as now.

Now, I do not fear that I might lose a topic or inspiration to draw from.  Just like St. Francis, all I have to do is open the Bible, read a verse and let God through the Holy Spirit move me.

The Bible is not just a source of inspiration to jumpstart this blog, but it is a guidebook for all eternity.

As both a Franciscan and Christian, I believe that everything here is true and is forever relevant.

So regarding fear of losing topics for my blog, let my hands do the walking and let my eyes rest on the "Words of God," strike my heart and move me like it did St. Francis of Assisi.

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