Monday, November 15, 2010

Spread the Word

"Write up on a scroll what you now see and send it...," Revelation 1:11

"'Receive your sight. Your faith has healed you.' at the very moment he was given his sight and beegan to follow   him, giving God the glory."  - Luke

When I was directing "West Side Story" for YAFCA, I found it cool when the Jets (the American gang in the play) would say "spread the word."

Unlike modern text messages that says "Please, pass", I began using "Spread the word!" to let the others send other people messages.

However, now that I know better, "Spread the Word" for me now means sharing the Good News/Gospel either through written/verbal/example.

Just like the blind man, there are times that I too was in darkness, and though my own faith is not as as great as other people, somehow it is accepted by God and He allowed me to share His love and wisdom through my different talents.

Following of Saint Francis of Assisi, this dear saint he made his life an open book where God can write His love story for us. In St. Francis' life, there was a time that He felt alone and lost that He searched for God. He spend time in places like Mount Subasio and visited places like San Damiano. In the end, God answered His prayers in the right time. Once St. Francis was enlightened, he never turned back from his faith and against all odds followed God and lived his life as a living Bible - through words, action, and thoughts.

Everyday of our lives, I realized that we have our moments of blindness of darkness. And yet if we learn to seek God, depend on Him and His love. Cling to Him without ceasing then whatever had plagued us will be smoothened out.

But the buck does not stop in simply thanking Him. While it is great to thank God, but it would be better if we share what we have experienced through Jesus Christ's mercy and graciousness. God ask us to be workers in His vineyard. Like St. John, the blind man and St. Francis of Assisi, may we allow God to work through us make us herald of the Gospel.

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