Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Paying It Forward

"Good man, you showed yourself capable in small matters. For that you can take over ten villages...the moral is: whoever has will be given more, but the one who has not will lose what he has." - Luke 19:17

Have you watched the movie "Pay It Forward?"

I guarantee you, it's a certified tearjerker. But besides that it reminds us about an important lesson: sharing what we have been given.

I know I have been given with so much talent. It would pathetic and disappointing if I do not do anything to glorify God, as a way of thanking Him.

I know I will never be famous. My epitaph may not hold so much promise. I doubt if ever I would have the dream eulogy that I might be given at the time of my funeral. However in all that, it does not matter.  God knows what I have done. That is what is important.

The world may not know or care for my efforts, even if I try to make the world a better place in my own simple way, through the gifts God gave me. I may never receive the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer or even a Palanca Award. Nevertheless, that does not stop me from doing what I can to make life better and more livable through my works, actions, thoughts and words.

I was given gifts. Given. So I should I also "Pay it Forward" to others for they are not mine to keep. At the end of my life, I am accountable for what I was given.

Just like St. Francis of Assisi. He was not as smart or prolific as St. Augustine or St. Thomas Aquinas. His writings were all straightforward and his way of life of simple. Yet in never stopped him to serve the poorest of the poor, never minding his health, that even in his late forties St. Francis of Assisi was practically blind.  He tried to make the world a better place by abandoning his pride and letting God work through him. And God led Him and bless Him, and gave provided for Him.

Whatever we decide to do, always count in the eyes of the Lord. We do not live and love life for our own but for God and our fellowmen.

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