Monday, November 22, 2010

The Tale of Two Brothers Who Were Candidates for Acceptance

"...for they all put in out of their abundance, but out of her poverty put in all that she had, her whole livelihood." - Mark 12:44

It is never the quantity, it had always been the quality and sincerity that one puts when it comes to serving God.

When I was a young troubadour in the movement, there were different snippets about questions and anecdotes about the scrutiny. 

Before becomes a fully pledged Franciscan Youth or an Accepte Member of the Fraternity they should at least have been with the group for several months or years - depending on their development and desire to be finally accepted.  During my time, that was in 1999, we had to send a letter of request to express our desire to be formally accepted by the fraternity, we had a written exam, a local scrutiny comprised of mostly accepted member and the local fraternity heralds (officers equal in right but different responsibilities) and the most crucial of all was the final scrutiny with the "elders" of the fraternity, the national and local fraternity heralds and accepted members.

Just like silver is tested in fire, so is the aspiring candidate tested.  Questions so personal that would purify and release true intentions to be a member will come out.

One of the anecdotes I remembered was the tale of two brothers. They were asked how they will "promote" or "market" the fraternity to others. The older and more learned but proud brother said he was to photocopy stuff, do campaigns and all those flamboyant way to show-off the fraternity while the second and younger brother, who was a bit shy but determined to be in the group simply said that he will try his best to be a living Bible to others by sharing himself to people and helping others.

I'll give you three guesses who was accepted - the second and younger, brother.

Just like St. Francis of Assisi, who lived simply and followed the way of the humble Christ so are we Franciscans or Christians as a whole should do the same.

God even prefers personal anonymity than those who are hypochrites.  It is not how the "gift of service" was made of but it is more about the true intentions of glorifying God and not the self when it comes to be truly God's heralds of peace, hope and love.

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